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LUX film prize


24. December 2013 - 13:06


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The LUX Film Prize is organised every year by the European Parliament as means of celebrating European culture. Undeniably film is a big part of today's world and potentially serves as an excellent medium to stir up debate, to trigger thought and to provoke. It can address no one but at the same time everyone, it can affect! The LUX Film Prize is a unique recognition, as it takes a closer look at the diversity represented within Europe as a whole. It lays importance on aspects such culture language social issues which are either shared by some member states and/or alienate them from one another. Either way, the Lux prize award selects 3 European films each year, which tell or portray a European kind of tale. Be it a tale of love, hatred, gain or loss, it is for certain a story worth the while. This year's awards went to a Belgian Italian and British film. All were excellent but a final choice had to be made, as taught as it may sound. The babel looking like prize went to the Broken circle Breakdown directed by Felix van Grooningen. The other two film that competed for the prize were “Miele” directed by Valeria Golino and The Selfish Giant directed by Clio Bernard.
Redaktion : Pauline Schreuder, Michelle Schreuder          
Kamera: European Parliament            
Schnitt: Pauline Schreuder            
Filmdauer: 22 min  21 sek     
Erstellungsdatum: 20. 12.2013    




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